C-5- Invoices

5-1- The invoices for your international transactions

For a commercial contract to materialize, both contractors must reach an agreement. It depends on the commercial offer, on the general conditions of the sale and on the acceptance of the agreement. Incoives materialize the agreement.

There are different kinds of invoices: the Proforma invoice, the commercial invoice, the custom invoice and the consular invoice. Each of these invoices has its own specific features and contract values.

5-2- The Proforma invoice

It permits the final formalization of all the proposals submitted from the exporter to the importer. This is something like a quote, or an estimate.

5-3- The commercial invoice

The commercial invoice can be considered an international contract tool. It is sent by the exporter to the importer and, after the sending of the proforma invoice, validates the contractual content.

5-4- The consular invoice

The consular invoice is a state document. It can be materialized and conferred with a simple commercial invoice endorsed by the consulate.

5-5- The customs invoice

The customs invoice is a specific invoice. It's a document that, among others, is required by the Government of Canada and all Commenwealth members. You can obtain the document from consult-specialized services.