C-1- International organizations and institutions

1-1- Relevant institutions

A number of institutions can intervene on matters of international legality. We cite first, the WTO, which is the most important of these institutions. We can also mention the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), or the United Nations with, for example, the UNCITRAL.

Each of these institutions has established laws and conventions, and some of them have arbitration courts. Their role is to intervene in litigation within the scope of international trading relationships.

1-2- ICC International chamber of commerce

The international chamber of commerce is an international non-governmental organization. The ICC was created in 1920. It has more than 6000 members Its missions are to promote economic globalization, to create rules and tools and to help resolve litigation.

1-3- GATT, The GATT, General Agreement on Tariffs on Trade

The GATT, is therefore the general agreement on tariffs on trade, It was created in 1947. The objective of the GATT agreements is to reduce customs tariffs and other trade barriers within the scope of international transactions. The GATT agreements can contain no more and no less than 37 articles.

1-4- The World Trade Organization (WTO)

The World Trade Organization (WTO) is an international organization. WTO was created after the Marrakesh Agreement of April 15, 1994, which was signed by 125 ministers from present and concerned countries, concluding the Uruguay round. Its role is to handle all issues within the scope of international transactions, as stipulated in Article II of the agreement. The role of the WTO is to support "the conduct of the trade relations."

1-5- The UN, United Nations

The UN, the United Nations, is an international organization whose mission is not to deal with the trade problems, but to the contrary, due to its position it is an important organization in terms of relationships between developing countries and industrialized nations. Suggested by the president of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt, the name, "united nations" first appeared during World War II.