Conduct of a documentary crédit, step by step (page 1/2)

Import payment is one of the main preoccupation of companies that are doing international transactions. Trade is important, but be paid, of course, essential. Esandis offers you a free tools space dedicated to import and export transactions, and all the skills you need to be an export or an import manager.

Our objective is to provide a solution you to understand how important is the payment component of an international transaction. With this example, you will be able to have a quick look to a transaction that is secured with a documentary credit.










Implementation of the commercial contract


1- Contrat


Contract negotiation process

2- Sending of the request

Establishment of a request to open a documentary credit

3- The request is sent

The importer's bank reviews the request

4- Documentary credit notification

  The exporter's bank reviews the documentary credit

Exporter goods preparation

5- Goods are sent

The carrier takes in charge of the goods



The exporter receives the documents and sends them

6-1- Transport's documents

6-2- Other documents : certificat of inspection, movement certificat, certificat of origin, insurance certificat (if "covered" by the seller)

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