C-5-4- The consular invoice

The consular invoice is a tool for international payments, like the commercial invoice, the Proforma invoice or the customs invoice.

5-4-1- The consular invoice: definition

The consular invoice is a state document, created and given the status of a consular invoice when a simple commercial invoice is endorsed by the consulate.

5-4-2- The objective of the consular invoice objective

The objective of the consular invoice is to replace or accompany the certificate of origin, enabling customs to control the incoming goods. It therefore allows customs to verify the origin of the goods. The consulate's endorsement of the document certifies that the goods comply with the stated prices, and allows for the monitoring of payments of customs duties.

5-4-3- When to produce the consular invoice

The consular invoice may be requested and even required in some countries. The consular invoice is, for example, requested in South America and the Middle East.

5-4-4- The consular invoice: the document

The document inherent to the consular invoice is drafted. The document can be obtained from the country's consulate. The document is completed by the exporter.

The document can also be a simple commercial invoice endorsed both by the chamber of commerce and the consulate.