B-1-1- International transportation

One of the facets of importing and exporting is that the merchandise no longer travels within the country, but must often cross oceans and continents. A process that was simple within England can quickly become complicated as soon as the so-called "difficult" countries, such as the africain countries, are concerned. An operation that was not too costly in England can easily become very expensive when exporting.

An english company wishing to export or import goods must therefore take an interest in all the ins and outs involved in the transport process even before proposing a "product price". The costs of this dispatching logistic often accounts for a large part of the product price.

1-1-1- Different modes of transport

An english company who wants to import or export goods shall therefore, even before proposing a "product price", look at all ins and outs related to dispacthing logistics approach. We can distinguish all of the following modes of transportation:

Each of these modes of transport can be used with a collective transport or with an exclusive transport. Exporter can also choose to transport with containers Finally a carrier can be a fowarding agent.

1-1-2- Transport and responsabilities

When you are about to select a mode of transport, one of the select criteria could be who will endorse the transportation damages. Compensation will be determined by the carriage contract and the agreement (Terms of sales). In all cases, insurance will be important.

1-1-3- Transportation and costs

Transportation costs depends on the type of services, the trip lenght and the needed time for the trip. The transportation price takeS an important part in product price.

1-1-4- Transportation and packaging

But even before offering a product price, the export company must choose the most appropriate packaging to its products and destination. Packaging cost may become quite a significant extend. The carrier will be in charge to take care of the transported goods othetwise it will be subject to reserves.

1-1-5- Transportation and Incoterms ©

Dispatching logistics and Incoterms © are very much linked when you are talking about international transactions. When you choose an Incoterm in fact you choose which of the importer or the exporter choose the carrier, which pay the tranportation, where are located the transfer of transportation risk. who is responsible for the goods clearance and who pays the loading and the unloading from one to another's transportation.

1-1-6- Transport of dangerous goods

For dangerous goods transportation, it's necessary to give special attention to conventions both English and international, because they are quite restrictive.