C-3-1- The general conditions of international sales.

Esandis offers you free import and export tools, and all the necessary skills. Our objective here is to provide the necessary information to help you understand the issues facing contractual parties through an import or export transaction.

Though international transactions are governed by laws and conventions, contract clauses and options must be well-understood. It would be a good idea to seek legal advice to guide you through this process. Our objective here is to guide you to the right decisions. The drafting of contracts carries the danger of assigning responsibilities. Each word is important, and a poorly drafted clause may be considered unfair or invalid.

Indeed, a simple pro-forma invoice is often not enough to make a transaction secure. Well-written general conditions of export sales can provide more transaction security.

As it is the case in transactions between British companies, it is essential in international transactions to implement transaction-specific conditions of sales. In order to achieve this, we are offering you a contractual overview with the objective of encouraging you to seek legal counsel.

3-1-1- General conditions of sales: definition

The general conditions of sales for export must accompany all of your business documents, from documentation of your products, to the pro-forma invoice. Indeed, deeds of sale are not necessarily subject to a sales contract, thus exporters need to protect themselves contractually. The solution is to draft general conditions of sales for export which are implicitly accepted as soon as they are read.

3-1-2- Standard general conditions of sales or legal advice

All exporters should be able to get "standard" general conditions of sales from the sector of activity that have proven to hold up during litigation. To do so, one may consult with experts in their field, the chamber of commerce in the region, colleagues, or a trade union.

Notwithstanding the standard general conditions of sales, it may be beneficial to modify and validate according to your own specifications. We advise seeking legal consultation.