A-2- International financing

  In Europe

  ASSAFRICA Associazione per lo sviluppo delle imprese italiane in Africa, mediterraneo e medio oriente    
  ASDI Swedish international development cooperation agency    
  BEI European Investment Bank    
  BERD European Bank for Reconstruction and development    
  Bio Invest Bio Invest development through investisment    
  UNCTAD United Nations conference on trade and development    
  CDCGROUP Cdcgroup    
  CDE Centre for development of entreprise    
  CDI Centre de développement industriel      
  COFIDES Funding for your investment abroad    
  European commission Commission européenne    
  DEG Entrepreneurial Development Cooperation    
  DFID Department for International Development    
  EDF European Developemnt Fund    
  EIF European Invesment fund    
  FINNFUND Finnfund    
  FMO Entrepreunarial development bank    
  ICE Italian trade agency    
  IFU Investment Fund for developing countries    
  KFW Bank aus verantwortung    
  Oikocredit Oikocredit : investing in people    
  SBI Belgium corporation for international investment    
  SIFEM Swiss Investment Fund for Emerging markets    
  SIMEST Ingegno italiano nel mondo    
  SOFID Societad para o Desenvolvimento do financiamento    

  In Africa

  AMSCO African Management Service COmpany    
  BAD African development group    
  BADEA Arab Bank for economic developemnt in Africa    
  BID Islamic development Bank    
  EBID Ecowas bank for investment and development    
  BOAD Banque ouest Africaine de développement    
  CAURIS Cauris management    
  FAGACE Fond Africain de garantie coopération économique    
  IFC International finance corporation    
  Opec Fund The opec fund for international development    
  FSA African solidarity fund    
  BID Inter american development Bank    
  USAID United State Agency for International Development    
  SII Inter-American Investment Corporation    

  In the world

  AMGI Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency    
  BasD Asian development Bank    
  IBRD International Bank for reconstruction and Development    
  ECOSOC Economic and social council    
  IMF International monetary fund    
  IDA International Development Association    
UN United nations
ONIDO United nations industrial development organization
  SFI International finance corporation    
  WORLD BANK World bank