B-2-3- EUR1 movement certificate

Dealing with transport logistics is particular, and requires many documents to be presented at border crossings. Indeed, during clearance procedures, it's necessary to present all documents related to the goods for export. The movement certificate is one of these documents, and it can be compared to an origin certificate.

Note, it's possible some countries may require the EUR2 document.

2-3-1- EUR1 movement certificate : definition

The EUR1 movement certificate is a document that informs customs services that the product to be exported is coming from the European Community and is destined for a country that has made preferential agreements with the EC. It certifies the origin of goods.

2-3-2- The movement certificate and your freight forwarder

A freight forwarder, in receipt of a mailed document, may issue the movement certificate. This would grant the freight forwarder the right to issue the movement certificate, and certify the origin of the goods as within the European Community.

2-3-3- The movement certificate: the document

The certificate appears in the form of an application form that must be filled out. L'imprimé à compléter est donc disponible auprès de votre chambre de commerce, ou encore auprès de l'imprimerie nationale (59128 Flers-en-Escrebieux). It consists of two pages. The first is a request and the second is the movement certificate itself. The first page is retained by the customs office..

Content of the movement certificate::
  • shipper of the goods,
  • consignee of the goods,
  • country of origin,
  • the goods' mode of transport (optional),
  • information concerning the customs clearance,
  • désignation de la marchandise,
  • quantity,
  • endorsement from the customs office during customs clearance,
  • date and signature.

2-3-4- Special movement certificates

Other movement certificates include the ATR, for goods destined for Turkey. We do not neglect the heretofore mentioned EUR2 certificate.

2-3-5- EUR1 movement certificate countries

The countries which permit the movement certificate EUR1 are : South Africa, Albania, Algeria, Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Chile, Croatia, Egypt, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Morocco, Mexico, Norway, New Caledonia, Romania, Serbia, Switzerland, Tahiti, Tunisia and Wallis and Futuna.