B-2-9- Authorized economic operator, AEO, for new customs arrangements

The AEO is therefore a new arrangement, an Authorised Economic operator (certified). This particular and new status should be subject to a request to the customs office. The primary requirement to qualify for this status is that the operator must be established within the European Union. The operator must adhere to tax and customs legislation, have satisfactory credit and a management system that can be easily controlled by the authority.

There are three AEO certificate options:
  • the first is the customs simplification AEO certificate,,
  • the second is the safety and security AEO certificate,
  • the third is the AEO certificate of customs simplification and security.

2-9-1- The advantage to getting AEO certification; "customs simplification."

One of the advantages of the AEO "Customs simplification" is the fact that customs privileges, which ease customs procedures, are not condition-based. It should be noted that as soon as the future customs community code is enforced, access to the simplifications will be dependant on obtaining AEO "customs simplification."

2-9-2- The Advantage of having an AEO certification; "security /safety"

With respect to the advantages of the AEO certification; "security /safety," the operator will benefit from the following privileges:
  • The ability to transmit entry summary declarations with less information, :
  • the information given from customs,
  • physical control, "security and safety," prior to the arrival of goods,,
  • and the ability to carry out reporting formalities or be subject to control at the import office.

2-9-3- Conditions to obtaining the OEA "customs simplification" certification.

The conditions to obtain the OEA "customs simplification" are as follows:
  • the operator must first not have been convicted of a major criminal offense linked to its activity.
  • The operator must have "a satisfactory record of compliance with customs requirements,"
  • be receptive to customs and transport records,
  • and have had financial solvency during the last three years.

2-9-4- Conditions to obtain the EOA security/safety certification

The conditions for obtaining the EOA "security and safety" certification are as follows:
  • first, respect the protection standards within the logistics zones,
  • commit to make the international trade supply chain reliable,
  • respect the legal provisions, like, for example, the control over employee backgrounds, and
  • implement of an awareness program to orient employees on security.

In order to obtain the certification, you must be subject to a customs audit.