B-4-2- CE marking

Since the advent of a single market and the emergence of imports from outside of the European Community, a distinctive mark has become necessary in order to distinguish products made in Europe from products coming from low-cost countries. This distinctive mark is referred to as CE marking.

4-2-1- CE marking and coding

CE marking and its rules have been codified. Le marquage est simplement constitué des deux lettres CE. The marking consists of simply two letters, CE. It means European Community. This two letters are affixed by a coded graphic.

The letters shall:
  • not be less than 300 mm (absent derogation),
  • have no upper limit,
  • have a chosen color,
  • be legible letters,
  • be indelible.



Additional annotations can be added below the "CE" marking, like, for example, the Afnor certification.

4-2-2- CE marking and législation

CE marking is the subject of a European directive that prevents bringing products to market without this mark. Fraudulent use and/or ommision of CE marking can be subject to criminal prosecution.

4-2-3- The advantages of the CE marking

CE-marked products can be sold or bought within the EU and circulate freely.

4-2-4- CE Marking requirements

CE Marking subject to conditions. Supervisory authorities may require companies to present the CE Declaration of conformity.

4-2-5- CE marking and declaration of conformity

The CE declaration of conformity is a document in which the producer, the exporter, certifies that the product is in conformity with the essential requirements of health and safety. In addition to the mandated declaration, technical filing allows supervisory authorities to compile a dossier on the product that includes the plan, specifications, materials, etc...

4-2-6- CE marking and the declaration of conformity

Once the declaration of conformity is established, the CE mark can be affixed to the product or packaging. It is followed by the organization identification Number, which has inspected the product manufacturer.

4-2-7- CE marking and the assessment body

These organizations are certified and are European organizations. They are able to assess the conformity processes. This assessment process is conducted through study of the product manufacturing and design. Quality assurance may be part of this study.